Top of Tahoe Bridge Club Policies

Zero Tolerance Policy: In accordance with ACBL recommendations, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards rude or offensive behavior. See our Zero-Tolerance Policy page for more information.

Covid-19: see this page

Solo Player PolicySubject to clarification below, if you have signed up to play by Wednesday noon, we will make an effort to find a partner for you. If you are unable to sign up by then, and wish to play, we suggest finding your own partner and then signing up online so we will know how many players to expect. Please note that we will not continue to find partners for returning players on an ongoing basis. We are happy to try to find a partner for newly arrived players a few times. However, in general, it is expected that you will find a partner yourself thereafter. If you notice that there is already an odd number of solo players signed up, you may sign up at any time to make an even number.

Scores and Corrections: Scores are normally posted to this web site and to within one to two hours following completion of the game, and announced via email on our Google Groups email list. On rare occasions there may be a delay, in which case we will send a delay notification email, and a follow-up email when the scores are posted. Any corrections to the scores must be reported to the director by email to within 48 hours of the posting of the results.

Punctuality: Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.This gives us enough time to register the players and set up the tables for the game. Players who have signed up to play and arrive later than 5 minutes prior to play will be warned that late arrival places undue stress on the organizers. Multiple warnings may result in disciplinary action, at the sole discretion of the club management.

Sign-Ups: We encourage all players to sign up in advance. Signups open at 2:00PM on the day of the previous game. Usually, this is the previous week, but when there is a gap between games, the sign-up period for the later game is longer. Walk-in players with partners will usuallybe accommodated, unless doing so would create a half-table sitout of four or more boards. Walk-in solo players will only be accommodated if another solo player is available.