Bridgemate Instructions

We have made a change in how entries are made on the Bridgemate scoring devices. Specifically, we now require the opening lead to be recorded for each board, along with the contract, declarer and result. The Bridgemate will not accept an entry without the opening lead.

We have done this to help catch errors at the time the entry is made. The Bridgemate will validate that the card specified as the opening lead was actually in the hand of Declarer’s left-hand opponent. If it was not, when E/W are asked to accept the results the Bridgemate will display an error message stating that either the opening lead or declarer was incorrect. Please re-check the entries if this happens.

The North player is responsible for making the entries in the Bridgemates. North may ask South to fill in if desired. If neither North nor South is able to make the entries, it is okay to ask East or West, but remember that the team not making the entry must do the approval. If there are any questions about making entries on the Bridgemates, or if an error is discovered, please call the Director.