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Reno Sectional, August 15-18


The Top of Tahoe Bridge Club is an ACBL-sanctioned bridge club on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. We have a game on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00pm. The table fee will be $6.00 per player. Games typically include 22-27 boards, and take about 3-1/2 hours to complete, so a game starting at 1:00 would end around 4:30.

The Top of Tahoe Bridge Club is a welcoming, friendly place to play competitive bridge. Be nice to your opponents; be even nicer to your partner. We have a zero-tolerance policy on rude or offensive behavior.

News: We now have hand records, both printed to hand out at the game and with the online results. Starting May 1 we have Bridgemate electronic scoring devices, thanks to the generosity of the Carson-Tahoe Unit 465 Board of Directors.

New Policy: If you have signed up to play by Monday noon, we will make an effort to find a partner for you. If you are unable to sign up by then and wish to play, we suggest finding your own partner. We can easily accommodate players who show up at the game with a partner, but finding a partner for a solo player is difficult to impossible at the last minute.

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Results Posted for August 14

August 21 is a STaC Game: Silver Points, $8.00 per player